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Company Values

Recognition of Customer Value

Dare To Be Different

CM City is a small, locally-owned business that has operated in southeastern Georgia for over 30 years. We stand apart from our rent-to-own competitors for one, simple reason: we don't want our customers to just rent; we want them to own! When our customers succeed, we succeed as a community. We are invested in the communities in which our stores reside, and we pride ourselves on growing with our communities - not as some corporate company - all while offering the most competitive pricing in our region.

Personal Accountability

Do What You Say You'll Do

At CM City, our word is binding. We follow through on our commitments to our customers and coworkers to set an example. By holding ourselves personally accountable for our words, actions, and commitments, we create trust and confidence in our business. We hope to inspire others to follow that standard too.

Customer Commitment

Be A Problem Solver

Every employee at CM City should feel empowered to help our customers and our business deal with the problems we face every day. We don't pass along a problem when it arises; we encourage our employees to ask for help when necessary, and see the problem through to the end themselves. At CM City we search for solutions, not temporary fixes.

Communication and Respect

Treat Everyone Like A Human Being

We want all of our customers to feel respected and confident when they come to CM City. Respect is given, to customers and employees alike, regardless of their race, religion, sex, sexual orientation, or financial status. Because our lives can change so suddenly, we promote open communication between CM City and its customers. When our customers can communicate the individual problems they face every day, we at CM City can better serve them; if we don't know, we can't help! Respect plays an enormous part in the way we conduct business.

An Attitude of Gratitude

When we get stuck in our daily routines and overwhelmed with life it is easy to take the good things for granted: the job we prayed for, the family we love, the community we live in. CM City challenges everyone to take time each day to reflect on what they're grateful for. When we show gratitude, or consider what we have to be grateful for, we lead our minds and hearts to a noticeably more positive attitude capable of tackling life's challenges.

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