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Movies & More!

When you refer a friend to CM City, YOU get rewarded! Follow these steps, and you'll get $75 worth of rewards:

Step 1: Refer a brand new customer to CM City. When they rent any item at any store, YOU get a $25 movie bucket filled with popcorn, RedBox movie codes, and candy!

Step 2: When your referred customer makes 5 weekly payments, YOU receive $50 MORE in gift cards from restaurants, shops, grocery stores, and more! Just choose which cards you want!

It really is that easy!

Gift card options include:

Wal-mart                    Subway           Zaxby's                   
Game Stop                McDonalds     Burger King
Amazon                     Ulta                 Papa John's Pizza
Cracker Barrel           Visa                BP Gas Station

Xbox or Xbox Live

Contact your local CM City for details!

Movies & More!

Movies & More!

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